Welcome to BooneWalkers!

Our first ever blog post!

Why do you believe what you believe? What is apologetics? What’s Ratio Christi? What do really cute babies do in their spare time? And what the heck are the Walkers doing?!?!?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking any of those questions, then you’re at the right place! High five!

Welcome to BooneWalkers, the Walker family blog where we hope to dabble in a little of this and that, post ridiculously cute pictures of irresistibly cute babies, and mayyyybe answer one or two of those questions.

What do you say?? Are you up for the adventure? You know the drill… Fasten your seat belts, hold on to your hats, and remember- keep your eyes open, you might see an elephant!

About us:IMG_5958_Fotor.jpg

Our fearless, dashing, former-army-ranger-now-diaper bag-toting, circus ring leader

Lover of tea time, nap time, past times, and good times

The quiet one. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lover of milk, mom, and serious snuggles

So what the heck ARE the Walkers doing?

Well, we are closing the chapter where it all started for us, in Charlotte, NC where we met, had some babies, and where Greg has been a seminary student at Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College for the last 5 years studying- what was that fancy word?- yes, apologetics.


reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.

Why, thank you Google.

So, Christian apologetics is reasoned arguments and defense of the historic Christian faith.

For a while now, we have been feeling the call to full time mission work doing… something somewhere. Yeah, we thought that was pretty specific, too…

After much prayer and lots of doors opening and closing, we have found ourselves at Ratio Christi, a college campus Christian ministry dedicated to teaching/interacting with/discipling students (and faculty) at secular, liberal, religious, public, and private universities around the world! Say that five times fast!

We will be moving to the Boone, NC area where Greg will serve at Appalachian State University as the new chapter director.

Ratio Christi actually originally started in 2008 at Appalachian State University as the Reasonable Faith Apologetics Club. The idea was first initiated by a conversation between two ASU students about the need to address serious intellectual questions raised in the university as they pertained to Christianity, and that concept quickly caught on and is currently spreading to hundreds of campuses all over. You can read more about the history of Ratio Christi here.

So, we are currently in the process of transitioning our life and our family to begin this new exciting chapter and we are humbled to go with God to App State and start this new adventure. We have entered into a season of support raising, as each of the 200ish missionaries for Ratio Christi worldwide have done.

We invite you to follow along on our fun filled family adventure on this here blog. That’s right, we’re fixin’ to be mountain people y’all!


Author: boonewalkers

We have recently become full time university missionaries at Appalachian State University with Ratio Christi. We have two wildly wonderful sons and live outside of Boone, NC.

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