October 30, 2017


As I reached for the new baby in the dark that morning I could sense Greg’s absence from our room. It was 6:00am and he was praying and getting ready to meet his students for a weekly bible study on campus. I hadn’t heard him get up, bless him. The truth was, I had wanted to nudge him to say “Your turn with the baby.”

We have a monthly-ish newsletter that we send out with lots of awesome ministry details, but here on our family blog I try to keep it a little more personal. Consider yourself warned, K?

I see him working so hard, day in and day out. He helps me with the wake ups at night, he wrangles our bright eyed and bushy tailed boys in the morning, collects the eggs and feeds our chickens, then heads on his way for whatever that day may hold for him. He might not be armed with a suit and briefcase, but always with his Bible.

His day might be filled with meetings at churches, or with students in need of counsel, or with a supporter who is struggling with something, or writing papers and listening to lectures for his Christian Counseling class, or holding a Ratio Christi Skype meeting, or preparing for his weekly lecture, or helping a neighbor in crisis. Whatever that day presents, I see him tackle it whole heartedly and with a burning excitement to be doing the Lord’s work. And I truly admire his management of it all.

My days are filled quite differently and sometimes it can feel like “Greg’s ministry work in Boone while I stay home with the kids.” Thankfully my heart is very quickly reminded that we are all in this together as a family! Each time he leaves, I pray. When he is the one in need of an ear, I’m right there. When he sends a student my way who is in need of some counsel, I’m there for her. And when I have a bright little set of eyes looking at me asking why did Jesus go on the cross? Well, I’m all over that one too. I guess ministry does have many shapes and sizes!


The other day I was in the throes of slinging dishes around trying to get dinner on the table with children wrapped around my legs when Greg whisked through the door with tears in his eyes exclaiming “A student got saved today!” It’s moments like that when we just celebrate, and I listen eagerly about a young student who got to hear about Jesus and logical arguments for the Christian faith, who then had a light bulb moment and said he wanted “to be saved, right now!” In times like that, it feels like nothing else matters, Nothing but the blood of Jesus! – as Wesley loves to sing!


Another recent day, the kids and I could hear Daddy driving up the gravel driveway and we all began singing “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” We watched him get out of the car, on his phone. We all waited for him to hurry up and come inside! I could feel a little irritation building as I thought, “Come on Greg, it’s time to clock out and come in,” and then I had another one of those heart reminders that, no, he doesn’t clock in and out. He doesn’t leave work at the office. His work, our work, stays right with us day and night and he was praying with someone at that very moment.

I share these stories to say this: sometimes we are so so busy. Like, I don’t know what day it is or whose butt I’m wiping kinda busy. Yeah. But the thing is, sometimes we just have to multitask like a boss. Jesus was always busy! How many times was He on His way somewhere when there were interruptions along the way and people got healed on the spot and believed! And Jesus didn’t clock in and out!!!


The new semester has begun and this marks the beginning of our second year on campus at ASU! At the student orientation club expo we had several of our students show up to help give out information about Ratio Christi and gather new student information (and they looked SO sharp in their new RC shirts. Score!) They got about 180 new contacts and have had great turn outs at their regular Tuesday night meetings!

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 8.40.48 AM

At one meeting this semester there was an opportunity for students to anonymously write down tough questions regarding Christianity and the Bible. Greg got over 30 questions including, If God knows everything, why did He create man knowing that some would reject Him and go to hell? Why did God create us in the first place? He’s going to be answering all the questions with a panel of guests at the November 7th meeting on campus.

This semester has been busy and exciting so far and our students and student officers continue to bless and amaze us every day with their love and passion for God and others, and our kids! We’ve already had several ministry events, students have been baptized, and souls are continuing to be saved at App State University! If you don’t receive our newsletter to get more specific details about Ratio Christi ASU, sign right on up!

A little update on the kiddies:

Wesley is 3 and quite the little flirt, ask some of our female students. Ha! James, now 20 months, is a little clown who is the funniest when he doesn’t know anyone is watching- aka he is SNEAKY. While the boys occasionally have mixed feelings about each other (ha-ha), they LOVE their baby sister Grace who is already 2 months old! We think she looks just like her daddy which makes the score Daddy – 2 mini me’s and Mommy – 1 mini me. 😉 I’m sure you can figure that one out.

It has already snowed here and the boys loved getting out and playing in it for a bit. Also we are all super excited for another good ol’ FOOD FIRE & FELLOWSHIP happening at our house tomorrow night!!!!! We are expecting over 40!! Pray for us, ha!!!!

As always, thank you dearly for your prayers and support of our ministry. God bless you and thanks for reading,

Lindsey, aka Baby Wrangler Walker.

Author: boonewalkers

We have recently become full time university missionaries at Appalachian State University with Ratio Christi. We have two wildly wonderful sons and live outside of Boone, NC.

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